Class AAMVA.RegistrantAndVehicleData

    • Constructor Detail

      • AAMVA.RegistrantAndVehicleData

        AAMVA.RegistrantAndVehicleData(GenericDocument document)
    • Method Detail

      • getCarrierNameRegistrant

         final TextFieldWrapper getCarrierNameRegistrant()

        Data element ID "RBC". The name of the first registrant of a vehicle. Registrant’s name may be a combined individual name or the name of a business

      • getGrossVehicleWeight

         final TextFieldWrapper getGrossVehicleWeight()

        Data element ID "VAT". The unladen weight of the vehicle (e.g., single-unit truck, truck combination) plus the weight of the maximum load for which vehicle registration fees have been paid within a particular jurisdiction.

      • getModelYear

         final TextFieldWrapper getModelYear()

        Data element ID "VAL". The year which is assigned to a vehicle by the manufacturer. The format is YY.

      • getNumberOfSeats

         final TextFieldWrapper getNumberOfSeats()

        Data element IDs "RAP", "VBC". The seat capacity of a commercial vehicle designed for transportation of more than then passengers. The number of common axles of rotation of one or more wheels of a vehicle, whether power design or freely rotating.

      • getRegistrationEnforcementDate

         final TextFieldWrapper getRegistrationEnforcementDate()

        Data element ID "RAF". The registration enforcement date is the date that the current registration was enforced. This may or may not be the original registration date. The format is ISO8601 with delimiters

      • getRegistrationPlateNumber

         final TextFieldWrapper getRegistrationPlateNumber()

        Data element ID "RAM". The characters assigned to a registration plate or tag affixed to the vehicle, assigned by the jurisdiction.

      • getRegistrationYear

         final TextFieldWrapper getRegistrationYear()

        Data element ID "RBT". This field is the registration year assigned by the jurisdiction. The format is CCYY.

      • getTypeOfVehicle

         final TextFieldWrapper getTypeOfVehicle()

        Data element ID "VBB". The type of vehicle operated for the transportation of persons or property in the furtherance of any commercial or industrial enterprise, for hire or not for hire. Not all states will use all values.

      • getUnitNumber

         final TextFieldWrapper getUnitNumber()

        Data element ID "IEG". A number, assigned by the registrant of the commercial vehicle or trailer, to identify the vehicle or trailer in the fleet. No two units in a fleet can have the same number. A.K.A vehicle unit number or owner’s equipment number.

      • getVehicleIdentificationNumber

         final TextFieldWrapper getVehicleIdentificationNumber()

        Data element ID "VAD". A unique combination of alphanumeric characters that identifies a specific vehicle or component. The VIN is affixed to the vehicle in specific locations and formulated by the manufacturer. State agencies under some controlled instances may assign a VIN to a vehicle.

      • getVehicleMake

         final TextFieldWrapper getVehicleMake()

        Data element ID "VAK". The distinctive (coded) name applied to a group of vehicles by a manufacturer.

      • getZipCode

         final TextFieldWrapper getZipCode()

        Data element ID "RBM". The ZIP or Postal code of the resident address of the registrant.