Scanbot SDK for iOS Developer Guide


Scanbot SDK for iOS is a simple to use high level API, providing a collection of classes and functions for scanning and processing documents from your mobile device’s camera or other image sources like your photo library.

Integrate our Ready-To-Use UI Components with only a few lines of code and get the same look and feel as our award winning scanner app Scanbot. Benefit from a proven user experience, super fast integration time and customizable colors and text to match your brand. Or dive into our Classical UI Components and build your fully customized scanning experience.

Scanbot SDK consists of a bunch of modules, each individually licensable or available in different packages.

Currently the following modules and features are available:

  • Document Detection in digital images
  • User interface for guided, automatic document scanning using the document detection module
  • Image Processing for rotating, cropping, filtering and perspective correction, optimized for the needs of document scanning
  • PDF Creation - merge a collection of processed or unprocessed document images and write them into a PDF document with one image per page
  • Optical Character Recognition - recognize text in document images and create searchable PDF documents with selectable text
  • Payform Recognition, detect and recognize SEPA payforms on images and extract the important data fields via OCR
  • Recognition and Data Extraction from German Medical Certificate forms (aka. Disability Certificate or AU-Bescheinigung)
  • MRZ Scanner - provides the ability to find and extract Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) content from ID cards, passports and travel documents


Dev Tools

  • Latest stable version of Xcode
  • Optionally CocoaPods

The Scanbot SDK can be used in Objective-C as well as in Swift projects.

Mobile Devices

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or higher
  • Rear-facing camera with auto-focus
  • Supported architectures: arm64 for physical devices and x86_64 for simulators

No Internet Connection Required

The Scanbot SDK works completely offline. It does not even contain any networking code. This can easily be verified by routing all networking traffic coming from the app through a proxy. All data generated by the Scanbot SDK is only stored on the end user’s device and in absolutely no case ever transferred to a server / cloud service controlled by us. You as the customer will need to take care of uploading the scans / data to your back end, if desired.

Get in Touch

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