Class ShakeAutoSnappingPredicate

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    public final class ShakeAutoSnappingPredicate
     implements IAutoSnappingPredicate<Unit>

    Validation that tracks significant movements and allows snap only after some time passed since last significant move.

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      private Boolean isEnabled
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      final Boolean isEnabled()
      final Unit setEnabled(Boolean isEnabled)
      Boolean checkState(Unit param) Run this check.
      final Unit onResume() Call to attach to hardware listener.
      final Unit onPause() Call to detach when component no longer needed.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ShakeAutoSnappingPredicate

        ShakeAutoSnappingPredicate(Context context, Function0<Unit> moveCallback)
        context - needed for attaching to device's hardware for motion detection
        moveCallback - here can reside some additional logic to perform when move detected