Interface PdfImagesExtractor

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    public interface PdfImagesExtractor

    Allows to extract image files from pdf files

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         abstract List<Uri> imageUrlsFromPdf(File pdfFile, File outputDir, String prefix, Bitmap.CompressFormat compression, Integer quality, Float scaling, Bitmap.Config bitmapConfig, LongOperationCancelCallback cancelCallback, ProgressCallback progressCallback)

        Converts pdf document to separate image files with given options. If the encryption of sdk is enabled all images WILL be encrypted.

        pdfFile - input pdf document
        outputDir - directory, where the output files will be stored
        prefix - prefix for output image files, naming will be <prefix>_<page_number>.<compress_format>
        compression - bitmap compress format to use.
        quality - compression quality.
        scaling - size of the image modifier.
        bitmapConfig - bitmap config to use.
        cancelCallback - callback that can cancel the operation during the extraction of pages
        progressCallback - callback that can get the number of pages already processed during the extraction of pages