Interface IFinderViewController

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    public interface IFinderViewController

    Base interface to control the state or the behavior of the Finder inside

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      • setFinderEnabled

         abstract Unit setFinderEnabled(Boolean enabled)

        Controls if the Finder view should be displayed and used in calculation of the area passed to recognizers

        enabled - controls if the Finder view should be displayed and used in calculation passed to recognizers
      • addTopPlaceholder

         abstract Unit addTopPlaceholder(View view)

        Add view on top of the finder window

        | | | topPlaceholder | || | | | | || | | | | |_________________|

      • addBottomPlaceholder

         abstract Unit addBottomPlaceholder(View view)

        Add view on bottom of the finder window

        | | | | || | | | | || | | |bottomPlaceholder| |_________________|

      • addFinderPlaceholder

         abstract Unit addFinderPlaceholder(View view)

        Add view inside of the finder window

        | | | | || | | | finderWindow | || | | | | |_________________|

      • setOverlayColor

         abstract Unit setOverlayColor(Integer overlayColor)

        Changes fill color of the Finder view

        overlayColor - color (not resource!) to draw Finder overlay with.
      • setStrokeColor

         abstract Unit setStrokeColor(Integer strokeColor)

        Changes stroke color of the Finder view.

        strokeColor - color (not resource!) to draw Finder overlay lines with.
      • setRequiredAspectRatios

         abstract Unit setRequiredAspectRatios(List<<Error class: unknown class>> requiredAspectRatios)

        Set required {@link PageAspectRatio}s.

      • setStrokeWidth

         abstract Unit setStrokeWidth(Integer strokeWidth)

        Changes stroke width of the Finder view.

        strokeWidth - width (not resource!) to draw Finder overlay lines with.
      • setFinderMinPadding

         abstract Unit setFinderMinPadding(Integer padding)

        Changes finder view padding to screen edges

        padding - value of padding in pixels
      • setSafeAreaInset

         abstract Unit setSafeAreaInset(Integer left, Integer top, Integer right, Integer bottom)

        Changes additional finder view paddings that works as safe area to the others views

        Set value or null if you need to left default value

      • setAutoSnapProgressEnabled

         abstract Unit setAutoSnapProgressEnabled(Boolean enabled)

        Changes if there is an animation should be played during the time when the user need to wait after the document was detected

        enabled - if the animation is enabled