Class BarcodeScannerActivity

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    io.scanbot.sdk.ui.view.barcode.dialog.BarcodeConfirmationDialogInterface , io.scanbot.sdk.ui.view.base.Cancelable , io.scanbot.sdk.ui.view.base.Initializable , io.scanbot.sdk.ui.view.base.Licensable , io.scanbot.sdk.ui.view.base.PermissionAware

    @Deprecated(message = "This component is deprecated and will be deleted in the future. Please use [io.scanbot.sdk.ui_v2.barcode.BarcodeScannerActivity] instead") 
    public final class BarcodeScannerActivity
    extends InternalBarcodeScannerActivity

    Represents camera screen for Barcodes scanning.

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      public final class BarcodeScannerActivity.Result

      Wrapper-class for all information, obtained as a result of this RTU activity job.

      public final class BarcodeScannerActivity.ResultContract

      Predefined AndroidX Activity Result API contract, ScanbotSDK-flavored.

      Implementation of ActivityResultContract for Barcode RTU scanner activity.

      Encapsulates all the hassle of input and result data mapping into- and from intent's bundle.

      Please refer to Scanbot SDK documentation:

      public class BarcodeScannerActivity.Companion
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