Class PreviewViewMeteringPointFactory

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    public final class PreviewViewMeteringPointFactory

    Implement the MeteringPointFactory for PreviewView by DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory.

    The width / height in DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory defines area (0, 0) - (width, height) which represents the full preview surface. The (x, y) passed to createPoint() must be in this coordinate system.

    However, in PreviewView, the preview could be cropped or letterbox/pillarbox depending on the scaleType. Thus we need to adjust two things for DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory. (1) Calculate the new width/height of factory based on the FIT/FULL scaleType to make it represent the full preview (2) Add offset to the (x, y) in convertPoint based on the BEGIN/CENTER/END scaleType.

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      PointF convertPoint(Float x, Float y)
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      • PreviewViewMeteringPointFactory

        PreviewViewMeteringPointFactory(Display display, <Error class: unknown class> cameraInfo, Size resolution, <Error class: unknown class> scaleType, Integer viewWidth, Integer viewHeight)