Class BarcodeScannerActivity.Result

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    io.scanbot.sdk.ui_v2.barcode.common.BaseBarcodeScannerActivity.AutoCancellableResult , io.scanbot.sdk.ui_v2.barcode.common.BaseBarcodeScannerActivity.InternalResult , io.scanbot.sdk.ui_v2.common.activity.ScanbotActivityResult

    public final class BarcodeScannerActivity.Result
     implements BaseBarcodeScannerActivity.InternalResult

    Wrapper-class for all information, obtained as a result of RTU activity work.

    • Method Detail

      • getResultCode

         Integer getResultCode()

        Defines whether activity finished and result provided or, for example, Activity.RESULT_CANCELED

      • isLicenseInvalid

         Boolean isLicenseInvalid()

        Indicates whether RTU returned due to license issue detected. In case of true no result should be expected.

      • getSdkIsNotInitialized

         Boolean getSdkIsNotInitialized()

        Indicates whether RTU returned due to Scanbot SDK is not initialized. In case of true no result should be expected.

      • isAutoCancelledByTimeout

         Boolean isAutoCancelledByTimeout()

        Flag indicating that component finished it's work prematurely due to timeout. No actual result should be expected.