Class ScanbotScaffoldKt

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         final <Error class: unknown class> getFabSpacing()
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         final static Unit ,io.scanbot.sdk.ui_v2.common.components.BottomSheetScaffoldState,kotlin.jvm.functions.Function0,java.lang.Boolean,kotlin.jvm.functions.Function1,kotlin.jvm.functions.Function0,.,.,.,.,java.lang.Boolean,java.lang.Boolean,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,kotlin.jvm.functions.Function1,kotlin.jvm.functions.Function1)>ScanbotScaffold(<Error class: unknown class> modifier, BottomSheetScaffoldState scaffoldState, Function0<Unit> topBar, Boolean overlayContentWithTopBar, Function1<<Error class: unknown class>, Unit> snackbarHost, Function0<Unit> floatingActionBar, <Error class: unknown class> floatingActionBarPosition, <Error class: unknown class> floatingActionBarSheetPadding, <Error class: unknown class> floatingActionBarScrollTop, <Error class: unknown class> floatingActionBarScrollBottom, Boolean horizontalMode, Boolean sheetGesturesEnabled, <Error class: unknown class> sheetShape, <Error class: unknown class> sheetElevation, <Error class: unknown class> sheetBackgroundColor, <Error class: unknown class> sheetContentColor, <Error class: unknown class> sheetPickHeight, <Error class: unknown class> backgroundColor, <Error class: unknown class> contentColor, Function1<<Error class: unknown class>, Unit> sheetContent, Function1<<Error class: unknown class>, Unit> content)

        <a href="" class="external" target="_blank">Material Design standard bottom sheet</a>.

        Standard bottom sheets co-exist with the screen’s main UI region and allow for simultaneously viewing and interacting with both regions. They are commonly used to keep a feature or secondary content visible on screen when content in main UI region is frequently scrolled or panned.

        This component provides an API to put together several material components to construct your screen. For a similar component which implements the basic material design layout strategy with app bars, floating action buttons and navigation drawers, use the standard Scaffold. For similar component that uses a backdrop as the centerpiece of the screen, use BackdropScaffold.

        A simple example of a bottom sheet scaffold looks like this:

        modifier - An optional Modifier for the root of the scaffold.
        scaffoldState - The state of the scaffold.
        topBar - An optional top app bar.
        snackbarHost - The composable hosting the snackbars shown inside the scaffold.
        floatingActionBar - An optional floating action button.
        floatingActionBarPosition - The position of the floating action button.
        sheetGesturesEnabled - Whether the bottom sheet can be interacted with by gestures.
        sheetShape - The shape of the bottom sheet.
        sheetElevation - The elevation of the bottom sheet.
        sheetBackgroundColor - The background color of the bottom sheet.
        sheetContentColor - The preferred content color provided by the bottom sheet to its children.
        sheetPickHeight - The height of the bottom sheet when it is collapsed.
        sheetContent - The content of the bottom sheet.
        content - The main content of the screen.