Class ScanbotSDK

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    io.scanbot.sdk.LicensableSdk , io.scanbot.sdk.barcode.BarcodeScanningSdk , io.scanbot.sdk.persistence.StorageSpaceAware

    public final class ScanbotSDK
     implements StorageSpaceAware, LicensableSdk, BarcodeScanningSdk

    Provider for Scanbot SDK features.

    Typical use case is to create this object in Activity.onCreate or Service.onCreate, but it's allowed to create it during any other point of lifecycle before onDestroy.

    Note that each instance stores reference to given context, so it should not be cached statically. All necessary caching is already done by ScanbotSDK itself - some methods might return same instance repeatedly.

    Some insight - Scanbot uses Dependency Injection internally, but we do not want to expose it to users of the library to ensure that changes in DI implementation won't affect users of the library.